Kiwanis Club spends “One Day” at Amiskwaciy Academy

Each year, Kiwanis clubs around the world join in a day of service, known as Kiwanis One Day. This year, the Kiwanis Club of Edmonton (Downtown) has chosen to devote its annual day of service to the permaculture project at Amiskwaciy Academy. The full day project, taking place on Saturday, May 5, is a joint venture between the Kiwanis Club, Amiskwaciy Academy, Boyle Street Community Services as well as Jasper Place and Queen Elizabeth schools.

The project team will work to transform three huge planters, located behind the school, into a thriving green space. A Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds consultant will be on hand to direct the design of the space, which will be used as an outdoor classroom and for community events.

The day will begin with a traditional blessing of the land by Elder Francis Whiskeyjack.