Winterburn School students transform into young entrepreneurs

The Grade 6 class at Winterburn School will be holding a White Elephant Sale in the school library on Friday, May 4. The sale is part of the student’s final project for A Business of Our Own, a Junior Achievement education program which pairs business mentors with Grade 6 classes.

From start to finish, the students have had to come up with and execute a business plan – from setting up their retail sales business, to tracking profits and eventually to distributing earnings. They were each assigned a role (merchandiser, bookkeeper, advertiser, set-up crew and salesperson) and had to learn to work as a team to meet deadlines and complete tasks.

The students have been working with volunteer and business leader Gord Tyndle, who has been mentoring the class since the students were in Grade 4. Gord has provided the students with hands-on, real life knowledge and experience as well as an appreciation for what businesses do, the importance of planning and confidence in their ability to set and accomplish goals.

The class will be donating the profits from the White Elephant Sale to the Hope Mission.