Queen Elizabeth School student to represent Canada at COY8 in Qatar

Queen Elizabeth student Derek Wong and teacher Aaron Dublenko

Derek Wong, a Grade 12 student at Queen Elizabeth School, will be presenting a document on behalf of Canadian youth at the COY8 (8th Conference of Youth) in Doha, Qatar this weekend. The event, which precedes the UN’s Conference on Climate Change (COP18), will bring together hundreds of international youth to learn about the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and work on climate justice issues worldwide. The conference, which runs from November 23 to 25, will also allow local and international youth to interact with organizations that are involved in global climate change activism.

Derek, who is being accompanied by teacher Aaron Dublenko, will be presenting the National Virtual Town Hall: COPU18 statement – a cross-Canada collaboration that outlines what Canadian youth believe should be the Canadian government’s position at COP18.

Over 300 young Canadians came together on November 14 to exchange ideas, debate alternatives and ultimately, to create the National Virtual Town Hall: COPU18 document. It is the culmination of over a month of online collaboration, 2,500 hours of student work, 200 hours of teacher facilitation, and a passion in Canada’s youth to engage in the international debate and have their voices heard.

For more information on COY8, visit: https://www.facebook.com/COY8Doha.

In addition, the National Virtual Town Hall: COPU18 document was shared with a Parliamentary Panel in Ottawa on November 21. Derek, and his teacher Aaron Dublenko, joined the Parliamentary Panel via Skype from the Edmonton International Airport.