Canadian Olympians visit T.D. Baker School

T.D. Baker School hosted some Olympic athletes on Thursday morning. Each of the athletes gave a presentation which was live video-streamed to 20 other schools across the District. Following the presentations, there was a Google+ Hangout session for questions and answers involving students and staff from nine schools. The assembly and Google+ Hangout sessions can be viewed here.

The Olympic athletes were Tara Whitten and Alex Steida (cyclists); Barb Bush-Dauphinais (diver); Tim Berrett (race walker); and Gord Bertie (wrestler).

Exploring and learning outside the classroom at Grandview Heights School

Remembrance Day Ceremonies

Remembrance Day Ceremonies across Edmonton Public Schools

Remembrance Day Ceremonies across Edmonton Public Schools
District students tops at Chinese Bridge

District students are tops at the International World Chinese Lan…

District students are tops at the International World Chinese Lan…
Canadian Olympians visit T.D. Baker School

Canadian Olympians visit T.D. Baker School

Canadian Olympians visit T.D. Baker School
Exploring and learning outside the classroom

Exploring and learning outside the classroom at Grandview Heights…

Exploring and learning outside the classroom at Grandview Heights…
In Support of Youth Leadership in Edmonton

RT. Hon. Michaëlle Jean to visit Jasper Place High School

RT. Hon. Michaëlle Jean to visit Jasper Place High School
On Thursday Grades 4 and 5 students at Grandview Heights School went on a virtual field trip to polar bear country! This opportunity was made possible by Google and Polar Bears International teaming up to collect Google Street View imagery of the polar bear. You can view the whole session here.

Students got to tour the tundra vehicle “Buggy 1”, including the roof where the Google Street View Trekker backpack has been mounted. They also got a behind the scenes look at the project and had an opportunity to ask questions to the Google and Polar Bears International teams, as well as polar bear and snowy owl experts.

The students participated on the field trip via Google+ Hangout. This is a free video chat service that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats by using sophisticated technology to switch the focus to the person currently chatting.

This is not the first time students at Grandview Heights have used Google+ Hangout in an innovative way. A few weeks ago, teacher John Chase and his Grade 9 class met with a graduate student at Harvard University through the service.  Their hour long conversation about genetics and immunology was subsequently posted to the Harvard student’s blog on the Scientific American website.  The blog and the video can be seen here.

RT. Hon. Michaëlle Jean to visit Jasper Place High School

On October 25, the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean, 27th Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, will visit Jasper Place School, where her Foundation is supporting an academic achievement and youth engagement project in Edmonton.

Accompanied by TD Michaëlle Jean Bursary 2013 recipient Julia Dalman, Madame Jean will participate in the school’s 2nd annual Re-Skill Fair: a series of cultural activities with over 150 students, teachers, artists, and senior citizens, designed to transmit critical life-skills to youth. Centered in the school’s Global Café, the activities will highlight the unique and innovative ways in which underserved youth in Edmonton are being empowered to succeed academically and transform their communities through the arts.

Julia is the co-ordinator and innovator of the Global Café program at Jasper Place School.  In addition to her background working in social and environmental justice movements, she was also selected as one of Alberta’s top 30 under 30 and is a founding member of ConsentEd, a group dedicated to eliminating sexual violence.



Tornado warning and impact on schools

A tornado warning has been issued for the Edmonton area. District principals have been instructed to make decisions on whether or not to dismiss students based on the conditions near their school. If a principal feels student safety is at risk, they will not dismiss the students and will contact parents directly to arrange pick up at the school when it is safe to do so. Yellow bus service will continue at all district schools, but there may be some delays.

Make Something Edmonton: Coronation School Lights the Bridge

To celebrate the High Level Bridge’s 100 years of connecting Edmonton, a community initiative is underway to raise funds that will see tens of thousands of LED lights light up the bridge.

Coronation students are also taking part in making Edmonton brighter. Two electrical engineers working on the project presented to students at the school to show them what they do in the classroom relates to real-world projects outside of the classroom.

Students have created their own Light up the Bridge project. Grade 5 students are working on an electrical project where they light up Popsicle stick bridges that Grade 3 students are building. Watch the Coronation School video here.

Make Something Edmonton turns projects or ideas into realities – in an effort to enhance the city’s reputation and image.

District Art Awards – 2013

The work of Grade 12 art students, representing seven district high schools, is on display at the Centre for Education. Art portfolio submissions including the jury-selected “Best of” each portfolio show off the depth of the students’ inspirations and the diversity representative of their wide-ranging interests and passions.

The jury, consisting of an artist from the University of Alberta and art teacher from Hillcrest School, selected “Best of” works based on technique, content, composition and takeaway value. Sylvia Calver of Victoria School (teacher: Theron Lund) won top prize. According to the jury, her piece is not only tremendous in technical skill, but is well-researched, thoughtful and sends a powerful message.

The art will be on display at the Centre for Education until May 30th.  Afterward, selected pieces will be displayed at the ‘Edmonton Public Schools Grade 12 Best of High School Portfolio’ Exhibit at the Kids in the Hall bistro in Edmonton City Hall from June 19th to September 14th, as part of The Works Art & Design festival.

Rutherford School reaches finals of national competition

Rutherford School has made it to the finals of the Majesta Trees of Knowledge™ Competition and is in the running to win a $20,000 outdoor classroom. The school’s outdoor classroom project was selected as one of 10 finalists from across Canada. Rutherford is the only school in Edmonton, and is one of only two Alberta schools, chosen for the final round of competition.

Built over 100 years ago, Rutherford School is located in the established French community of Bonnie Doon. It serves the communities of Bonnie Doon, Strathearn, Idylwylde and Cloverdale. The school community is embarking on a revitalization project by creating an outdoor classroom complete with interlocking timbers for seating and climbing, new trees and shrubs, their very own “ranger station” with rain barrel, relief map of Alberta, and a chalk board. A new trail system will connect all of the natural elements of the school yard together. Students are looking forward to enjoying nature and learning in this unique setting. The classroom will be used to enrich learning experiences and foster an appreciation for the environment.

Vote daily at from March 18 to April 26 to help to place Rutherford in the top spot. Voting is open to all Canadians who have reached the age of majority

Watch the school’s promotional video here. 

The Trees of Knowledge™ competition was launched in 2011 by Majesta, in partnership with Tree Canada and Focus on Forests, to help teachers and students experience the benefits of being outdoors. Each year through Trees of Knowledge™ one eco-conscious school is awarded a complete, customized outdoor classroom, valued at $20,000.

A sea of pink sweeps across Edmonton Public Schools today

Edmonton Public Schools is participating in Pink Shirt Day today – a day to help raise awareness around bullying. The national anti-bullying campaign started several years ago after a Nova Scotia high school student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The next day, many of his classmates showed up to school wearing pink shirts to take a stand against bullying. The grassroots movement has since spread across Canada and last year, 6.4 million Canadians took part in committing to a bully-free lifestyle.

Here are some of the activities taking place at Edmonton Public Schools on Pink Shirt Day:

• M.E. LaZerte: An assembly will take place from 11:15 a.m. to 12:25 p.m. with a keynote and student speakers. Students and staff will be wearing pink and taking a pledge against bullying. An aerial photo will be taken at 12:15 p.m. with more than 800 students wearing pink shirts.

• Winterburn: The entire school will be wearing pink.

• Lillian Osborne: Students will be wearing pink and student-made buttons. There will also be a movie night hosted by the Grad Council.

• McNally: The Grad Council is holding a pink bake sale and raffle from 11:48 a.m. to 12:33 p.m.

• W.P. Wagner: The Grad Council will be handing out pink candy and cards.

• Centre for Education: Staff will gather in the Atrium for a “pink dot” photo at 12:50 p.m.

For more information on Pink Shirt day, visit:

Queen Elizabeth School brings awareness to the plight of child soldiers

Worldwide there are more than 250,000 children who have been recruited to participate in armed conflicts. Queen Elizabeth School, in partnership with the Roméo Dallaire Child Soldier Initiative, recently hosted an international conference on Red Hand Day – a global initiative to bring awareness to the plight of child soldiers.  Through live video-conferencing, students were able to collaborate with more than 1,000 of their high school peers, from across North America. Students from Ross Sheppard, J. Percy Page, Vimy Ridge and Jasper Place schools also participated in the conference.

Terry Godwaldt, Director of the Centre for Global Education and a teacher at Queen Elizabeth School, said the video conference was about making real connections with what the students are learning in the classroom. “These are people whose lives have been impacted and our kids need to be aware of what’s going on the other side of the world is something that affects real people,” Godwaldt said.

Students skyped with Kadiatu Conteh, a former child soldier who was only 12 years old when she was taken by the Revolution United Front to fight in the Sierra Leone Civil War.  Students also heard from retired lieutenant-general and Child Soldier Initiative founder, Senator Roméo Dallaire. They also learned about the extensive use of children in combat throughout the world so that they can begin to examine both the causes, as well as the consequences, of the practice.

The ultimate focus of the rest of my life is to eradicate the use of child soldiers and to eliminate even the thought of the use of children as an instrument of war. – LGen Roméo Dallaire, Ret’d

Edmonton Public Schools… In the News

Students find value in keeping a full plate of extracurriculars
The Globe and Mail, January 4, 2012

For high school students, the imposition of Bill 115 by the Ontario government Thursday means the rest of the school year is shaping up to be as dreary as its beginning. Read more.


Caernarvon School teacher receives Golden Apple Award
Breakfast Television, January 4, 2013

What could bring us to Caernarvon Elementary School in Castledowns? BT’s beloved Golden Apple Award! We have come to this school to honour the finest in the city. She has no idea we are coming in for her. The principal and the entire staff are waiting inside now. They are excited that Mrs. Belinda Metcalfe is the winner of this month’s Golden Apple.