Facts & Statistics

2013-2014 Facts and Figures

Total number of schools 202
Elementary schools 125
Elementary Junior High schools 28
Elementary, Junior & Senior High schools 5
Junior High schools 27
Senior High schools 14
Other educational services 18
Student Enrolment (September 30, 2013) 86,543
Total staff (August 2013) 7,482.21 FTE
2013-14 Operating budget $934,062,591

Edmonton Public Schools is the second largest school district in Alberta and the sixth largest school district in Canada.

Board of Trustees

  • Ward A: Cheryl Johner
  • Ward B: Trustee Elect Michelle Draper
  • Ward C: Trustee Elect Orville Chubb
  • Ward D: Trustee Elect Ray Martin
  • Ward E: Trustee Elect Ken Gibson
  • Ward F: Michael Janz
  • Ward G: Sarah Hoffman
  • Ward H: Trustee Elect Nathan Ip
  • Ward I: Trustee Elect Sherry Adams

Superintendent of Schools

Darrel Robertson

District Publications:

Board of Trustees